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How To Create A Profitable High Ticket Dropshipping Business That Will Get Your Freedom Back

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What if you had an automated business that makes money FOR YOU while you live the life you want?

Times are changing, and it's clear now that the power of the internet is changing everything. The FREEDOM to work from wherever and whenever is incredibly powerful when you have an automated business.

Think about taking control of YOUR TIME. Think about traveling wherever you want AND getting paid at the same time.

Introducing Dropship Masterminds, the #1 proven, step-by-step course that will take you from A-Z with full guidance every step of the way.

Finally, a High Ticket Dropshipping course that works for you:

  • Even if you haven't worked with Shopify or Dropshipping before...
  • Even if you don't have much business experience or eCommerce experience...
  • Even if you have a full time job...
  • Even if you don't know where to start and there's too much information out there...

Shopify has taken over the eCmmerce space for Dropshipping, and there has never been a better time to take advantage!

The sooner you stop debating back and forth in your own head, the sooner you will gain control of your life and make it exactly what you want.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

Honestly, I get this question a lot from students, and besides me trying to say I am living proof, I prefer to explain it a different way. The main reason is:

High Ticket Dropshipping on Shopify is all just a formula. No question about it. If you can follow the steps and put the work in, results WILL follow. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you fail if you follow the formula.

It's like learning how to ride a bike. In the beginning you may be convincing yourself that you can't do it. But then you follow the instructions and guidelines over and over. You'll end up riding the bike right? Of course you would! Because you followed a proven formula!

That's precisely what High Ticket Dropshipping is. A formula.

Take A Look At This Statistic:

Global Retail eCommerce Sales Will Reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021

Cumulative data anticipates eCommerce sales to go from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s a nearly threefold increase in online revenue.

This is essentially the gold rush of eCommerce, and there's no better time to go all in.

I personally know other people who have 7 figure stores, with one friend making $25,000 per month in profit from High Ticket Dropshipping!

So naturally, I want to ask...why can't this be you?!


Check Out This Video With My Mentor, Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel has a following of almost 240k just on Instagram, is a Best Selling Author of his recent book, a wildly successful entrepreneur, and all around one of the most genuine, intelligent, and influential people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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Gerard Adams sold his company Elite Daily for $50 million, and I'm grateful to have him as a mentor and friend!!

Tom Bilyeu grew his company Quest Nutrition to over $1 Billion in under 2 years. I hung out with him at his house in Beverly Hills, and I can't wait to pass his insights onto you!!

Hear What Masterminds Who Already Joined Have to Say!

"This course has more value than Anton's DSL course, and it is almost $2,000 less. I truly feel this is the best course on the market and Alex has been such a great mentor during this process. Thank you again!"

- Taylor M.

"Thank you for welcoming me to this group. It is an honor. I was very much inspired by your videos when you were explaining high ticket drop shipping in detail. Thanks again!"

- Lamar D, BizEcommerce

"Hello everyone my name is Julie, I'm really excited to be apart of this aspiring e-commerce journey. I was searching on YouTube when I saw Alex's videos. I was glued listening to his videos. Alex was down to earth, and I just felt right in. I decided to join!"

- Julie B

Dropship Masterminds is for most people because..

It is a community, all working together, as I show you step-by-step how to build a profitable, and automated business.

You will receive the exact strategies, tips, and frameworks that will get you up and running the right way, with proper systems to scale your business.

You will receive detailed, live, step-by-step procedures of how to find a profitable product, contact suppliers, and build the necessary systems to scale your business - ultimately to make money in your sleep.

You will also learn in detail how to simply create and run profitable ads that will rank you at the top of Google. You get to learn all of this comfortably, wherever you are, whenever, with full guidance.

What's Included In The Course:

      • 10+ Hours of Content + Step-By-Step Videos + Supporting Docs
      • Full Live Guidance and Support
      • Templates, Scripts for Niche Selection and Supplier Acquisition
      • Weekly Live Streams
      • 70+ Videos Teaching You From A-Z
      • Access to the Private Masterminds Facebook Group
      • Lifetime Access To All Videos

*Additional Mastermind Bonuses*

      • Comprehensive Google AdWords PPC Course
      • How To Get The Right Business Forms Needed To Start
      • Automation Strategies To Get Your Time Back
      • Mindset Course To Maximize Output and Minimize Stress
      • + Much Much More!

If you don't LOVE the course, I'll make sure you get a 100% refund.

(Refund applies if you have completed less than 30% of the course content)

Class Curriculum

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